Making your dream home a reality

We pride ourselves on personalized service before, during, and after constructing your dream home.

We do so by only accepting a set number of clients per year to ensure quality and to maintain our commitments to home turnovers.

Our Design and build process

1 concept and design phase

General understanding of our client's requirements

Everything begins with a general understanding of our client's requirements for the prospective project they have in mind.

We get to know our clients and their families. Their respective architectural, interior and spatial requirements are underscored and taken into consideration.

Ocular Inspection

Initially, an ocular inspection to the site is done on their parcel of land and property, its surrounding area, and the restrictions it's situated in.

Excaliber prides itself by thoroughly guiding its clients through its feasibility study in order to provide a solution for their dream home to be realized.

Rough layout is provided

A rough layout of their project and sketch of their facade is given to our clients after the feasibility study.

This is where it all begins!

2 Detail design phase

Drafting plans

This phase involves drafting and formalizing the essential plans which will serve as the basis of the project.

A modern luxury home is a complex task.

This integration and harmony of the architectural, interior, structural, electrical, plumbing and mechanical plans is of utmost importance for our clients.

Visual draft presentation

After drafting the plans, we present several layouts to choose from based on their spatial requirements.

High quality 3D interior rendeitions and walk throughs are presented to our clients to allow them to better visualize and understand the different spaces.

Moreover, we also explain various product specifications of important finishing materials that will be used in their homes.

Costing and Project time frame

Finally, a formal cost proposal and time frame is provided to transform their dreams into reality!

3 Implementation phase

Personalized support system

Excalibur prides itself with a strong collaborative effort with our clients.

A personalized support system throughout the entire construction phase ensures that their visions materialize into reality!

Support system steps

The following steps are taken during the implementation phase.

1. Weekly meetings and updates to show the actual site progress

2. Creating personal support group with our clients to keep them constantly engaged and updated.

3. Taking a collaborative approach with our clients to any changes they may want or any suggestions we may have to improve their project.

4. Providing constant support and guidance throughout the entire construction process.

4 aftercare phase

Hand over process

At the end of the project, we provide a thorough hand over process.

The homeowners are educated on how the house shall be maintained and operated so it will last until the next generation.


Each project is also backed by Excalibur's solid warranty and after care service which includes our client ownership program, maintenance and technical service, and product support.

Hand over of keys

Finally we hand you the keys to step into your own personal shangrila!

Corporate social responsibilities

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